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The Gerber Baby Contest 2017 | 2018 Gerber Baby

(Feb. 7, 2018) — The 2018 Gerber Baby was finally announced. This year was just a few days later than we anticipated. But nevertheless, we've now learned of the new Gerber baby winner. And his name is — drumroll please — Lucas Warren from Dalton, Georgia. Before we get to know our new Gerber baby, lets Read More »

Gerber Baby PHOTO SEARCH Contest

Updated Version of This Post: All About The Gerber Baby Contest - Gerber Baby Contests In June of 2010, the company Gerber baby products started their first baby contest ever since 1928. It was an unfinished charcoal drawing of a little baby Ann Tuner Cook that won and became the original Gerber baby. We're not Read More »

The Gerber Baby Contest 2018

Recommended Reading: All About The Gerber Baby Contest So you want to enter the next Gerber baby contest. The 2018 Gerber baby contest is just around the corner. But not quite there yet. Don't worry, you can still learn a lot about it and be prepared for launch. We'll share with you all the information Read More »

Gerber Photo Search

What is the Gerber PHOTO SEARCH? A better question is—when does the Gerber baby contest start? The Photo Search is the biggest and most anticipate free baby contest that the Gerber products company run each year since 2010. When is Gerber baby contest 2018? The Gerber Photo Search usually start sometime in the fall and Read More »

Gerber Baby Contest 2017 Officially Launched September 13, 2017

UPDATE: The 2018 Gerber Baby Contest On September 13, 2017, Gerber quietly launched the annual baby contest "Gerber Photo Search 2017". They caught us all by surprised. This year there are some major changes, but the good parts are still there—like the grand prize of $50,000 cash. Quick look at some of the big changes Read More »

The 2017 Gerber Baby Contest Official Rules

We at I'M the Baby have been keeping copies of the Gerber baby contest official rules since 2014 for our readers. We hope our readers and visitors appreciate this. Recommended Reading: All About The Gerber Baby Contest - Gerber Baby Contests The Gerber Baby Contest Official Rules | Learn the Latest Requirements THE GERBER® PHOTO Read More »

The Gerber Baby Story

Whenever you hear "Gerber baby", you automatically picture a charcoal drawing of an adorable little baby face in your mind's eyes. There is no escape for the Gerber baby face household brand. It's the most popular brand of baby food products in the US. The history of the Gerber baby contest was an intriguing event Read More »

The 2016 Gerber Baby Contest Official Rules

Note: This is the official rules for THE 2016 GERBER® PHOTO SEARCH. We were able to get a copy of it here for you. We kept copies of these Gerber contest rules since 2014 because we care about you and it's a way for us to keep track of all the changes with the Gerber Read More »

Gerber Baby Contest 2015-2016: Isla the First Asian Gerber Baby Winner

Isla - Gerber baby contest 2015

The 2015 Gerber Baby Contest started with a big bang on September 8, 2015 where parents and guardians rushed to submit their baby photos before the submission deadline of October 23, 2015. Then from October 28 through November 24, 2015 people voted for the Gerber Baby Contest Milestone Categories. All winners were then announced on Read More »

The Gerber "PHOTO SEARCH" Baby Contest 2016-2017

2016 Gerber baby contest winner Riley

Each year Gerber announces the winners of the Gerber baby photo search contest and it always make headlines. Just as the last year 2015 Gerber baby contest grand prize winner, Isla a little 7 months old Asian-American baby headlining all the news. Now it's time for Isla to pass the title "Gerber Spokesbaby" to the Read More »