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The Cute Kid Contest Reviews

We can end this baby contest review right now by saying we highly recommend the Cute Kid Contest. And that will end this post here.


We're not going to do that.

What we want to do instead is give you a thorough review. We want to build up your confident by answering any questions that you might be in doubt of entering the CuteKid contest.


What is the Cute Kid contest?

The CuteKid contest is a free baby photo contest with cash prizes up to $25,000 if your child wins the CuteKid of the year.

It's not just a free baby contest but also a free cute kid contest.

CuteKid People's Choice Gallery is completely FREE to enter and you may also enter as many photos as you like each month.

To enter the "CuteKid of the Year" or the "Special Galleries" contests there is a $19.95 registration fee.

The CuteKid contest is pretty popular and worldwide but don't confuse it with the "cute kid photo contest India" which runs by India Parenting Pvt. Ltd. That's a different baby contest.


How to Win the Cute Kid Contest?

The Cute Kid contest winners are voted by members, their family and friends. But the CuteKid of the Year is selected by the company's professional judges that are in the industry for years.

They are professional photographers and casting agents.

To win:

Here's what the Cute Kid judges look for in every entries:

  • Appearance
  • Charisma
  • Expression
  • Image concept/setting
  • That "special something"

How to Enter the Cute Kid Contest?

Step 1:
Click the button below and we will take you directly to the contest entry form. Fill out the form on the next page.

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Step 2:
Capture adorable photos of your child(ren).

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Step 3:
Show off your CuteKid to our community in the Monthly Showcase. Enter the contest in one of 5 categories:

Bottom Line:

It's easy to enter. 1-2-3 and you're done for a chance at $25,000*.

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Is the Cute Kid Contest Legitimate?


Is the Cute Kid contest real?


Yes, the Cute Kid contest is legit.

We want to farther answer that question (Is the Cute Kid contest legit?) with a few facts about the company.

  1. CutKid is not a kid modeling agency. But they do have professionals from these model agencies look at the contest entry photos and even as judges.

  2. Yes, there have been many real Cute Kid winners. Here's a few of the Cute Kid of the Year.

  3. We did the research for you. As our research goes, to our surprised we noticed that quite a few people think that the Cute Kid is a scam.

    But that was mostly from people that didn't win or had no personal experience with the baby contest. Anyways, we found a few comments or "testimonial comments" for you.

    These are actual parents that have entered their children to the Cute Kid contests.

    And won.

  4. We dig even deeper. We found that Cute Kid is the property of Lifescript that was founded in 1999. That's a very old company. Major trust and peace of mind. Lifescript headquarter is in Newport Beach, Ca and employed 128 employees with more offices in NY.

  5. On CuteKid's website mentioned that they have relationship with big brand names like Gerber Life, Sesame Street, Crayola and more, also part of AOL Lifestyle (We're not sure about the AOL part, what's that mean.)

Anyways, we can conclude from our research and affiliation that it's a legit and very real baby and kid contest.

And Finally:

How's Cute Kid Contest Compared to Other Children Contests

To do this comparison, we first need to pick a free legit baby contest.

We picked out one of the most popular baby photo contest, the Gerber baby contest.

We don't want to do a Pros and Cons comparison and our reasoning for that is simple.

We don't really see anything pro or con but a slight disadvantages and advantages. Nothing really a con, bad or we're against about these cute kid contests—unless it's a scam.


  • The CuteKid of the Year wins $25,000 college tuition which is not bad at all. The Gerber Photo Search have a bigger grand prize of $50,000 cash.

  • While both baby contests are free, Cute Kid contest charge a $19.95 registration fee if you want to enter the monthly Special Galleries which will give you a chance at winning the CuteKid of the Year. (CuteKid' Poeple's Choice is FREE)


  • CuteKid contest allows professional photography while Gerber baby contest doesn't. If you have paid professional photos then enter that to the Cute Kid contest.

  • CuteKid photo contests are monthly while Gerber photo contests are annually. You can submit as many photos you like to CuteKid. (More opportunities to win.)

    Gerber only allows photos that are take within 30 days of submission. If you have an awesome picture 31 days before the launch then you're out of luck.

  • CuteKid is a little more fun because you can vote. 2017-2018 Gerber baby contest no longer allows you to vote but only their own judges will select Gerber baby contest winners. (Kinda took away the fun. Hopefully 2018-2019 Gerber baby contest will bring back the voting power to the parents.)

  • CuteKid contests are for baby to pre-teen (0-12 years old) while Gerber baby photo contests for babies and toddlers from 0-48 months.

  • CuteKid does have modeling agents that look at these photo entries. As for Gerber, if your baby wins then she or he will become a Gerber baby model—the new Spokebaby for Gerber only.

    CuteKid contest winners do get modeling contracts with model agencies but don't get used to thinking it will always be the case. Remember, it's a baby and kid contest.

    Anything else is just a plus.


Yes, we totally believe that you should join the Cute Kid contest as it is worth investing your time and resources for your child(ren). At least enter their People's Choice Gallery as it is free.

Gerber, Gap, Pampers, Huggies, Disney, Parents baby contests happen only once a year. While you're waiting for it, why not enter the Cute Kid contest?

While it's not a modeling agency but it is considered a baby modeling contest. CuteKids have been seen in Huggies, Pampers, Parents and Disney before.

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