Find the Cutest Baby Contest or Kid Modeling & Casting Calls.

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory".

- Dr. Seuss

Your Baby Is A Winner! Because All Babies Are Cute. A Cutest Baby Contest Only Meant For Showoff... How Proud You Already Are Of Your Little One. NOT To Proof Anything to Anyone.

Gerber Baby Contest

The annual Gerber PHOTO Search was launched back in 2010 in honored of the famous Gerber baby, Ms. Ann Tuner Cook — the original Gerber baby — who is the face of Gerber since 1931 the charcoal baby face of Cook became the official trademark of the brand Gerber.

The Gerber baby contest winners making headlines each and every years with press releases, local news, TV, and all sort of media outlets. It's hard not to take noticed. With just a simple baby photo submission you can be the next grand prize winner of $50,000 cash.

Thinking of baby modeling for Gerber? Well, beside the cash prize your baby have the opportunity to be feature on Gerber ads too, if wins.

The CuteKid contest is for babies and kids from age 0-12 years old. CuteKids have been seen in Huggies, Pampers, Parents and Disney so it's a great way to get your baby, toddler, pre-schooler, big kid, or pre-teen some exposure if you're thinking about modeling or something in the entertainment business.

You can win $25,000 for your baby's college fund if you win the "CuteKid of the Year". There are winners each month. The CuteKid is a year round baby photo contest unlike the Gerber baby contest, which is once a year.

You can also enter their free baby photo contest called the People's Choice Gallery.

When it comes to cutest baby contest, the professionals are the losers. It's a game for moms and dads. Baby photo contest is meant for fun and should be remain as a fun activity for parents and kids. The memories you create with your child(ren) are the real grand prize.

Big brand companies like Gap, Johnson's, Huggies, Gerber, and more are launching these baby contests for the purpose of promotion and attracting more consumers to their brands. It's about the normal everyday mothers and fathers.

In facts, Gerber for example — don't even allow paid professional photos to enter the Gerber Photo Search. And the CuteKid discouraged it.

What you really need to know are these 3 simple tips on baby photo contest?

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