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Why Baby Photo Contests Might Be a Better Choice Than Baby Modeling

Don't think for a moment that baby photo contests are too minor to get your child started in the entertainment industry. It's not only about finding baby modeling agencies or even kids beauty pageants. Sometimes, it's just as simple as finding a photo contest for babies and submitting a picture that can bring; huge cash Read More »

Baby Photo Competitions For Parents Not Professionals

Have a look at the image below. Do you see anything obviously different about the two baby pictures side by side? Maybe it's not that obvious to you due to the downgrade of image quality for the web. But the answer is, the photo on the left was taken by a professional or at least Read More »

The Easiest & Simplest Baby Photo Contest Guide & Tips

This page is meant to be a guide and is not a 100% science. We hope this baby photo contest guide will help you increase your chance of winning. What you will find and learn on the rest of this page is outlined as follows. Table of Contents The Difference Between Baby Photography and Baby Read More »

9 Tips How to Get Your Baby to Cooperate With the Camera for Baby Contest's Amazing Photos

Do you want your baby to pose for your camera? If your answer is yes, then you're in for a real treat. We're about to give you 9 tips that will get your baby to cooperate with the camera. You want amazing photos of your baby, but first you have to get your little one Read More »

The Cutest Baby Contest Competitions

Is there any parent that doesn't think their child is the cutest baby in the world? "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder." As most of us have heard that saying at some point in our lives. Nothing could be more true than when we're talking parents and how they feel their babies. In Read More »

Photo Contests for Babies: The Winning Secrets

While we can't guarantee that you'll win, but we sure can help you maximize your baby's potential for winning a photo contest. Here are three really quick tips and tricks that can get you better results. Increase Your Odds Natural — Everyone Loves Genuine A Professional Practice Baby Photo Contest [Tip #1] Increasing Your Odds Read More »