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Why Baby Photo Contests Might Be a Better Choice Than Baby Modeling

Don't think for a moment that baby photo contests are too minor to get your child started in the entertainment industry. It's not only about finding baby modeling agencies or even kids beauty pageants.

Sometimes, it's just as simple as finding a photo contest for babies and submitting a picture that can bring; huge cash prizes, college funds, or better yet — your baby could get famous.

You child could become the talk of the town or family gatherings.

Do you remembered or heard about the story of a charcoal drawing of a baby that won such a baby photo contest? That drawing of the adorable little baby became the face everyone recognizes for baby foods.

What started out as a baby photo contest, it's now became a well-known trademark and brand.

Yep, the Gerber baby.


Your Baby Modeling for Gerber.

Well, it is possible.

The company Gerber is now holding annual photo contest for babies. It called the Gerber Photo Search. The grand prize winner will take home a nice cool $50,000 cash.

Plus, opportunities for featuring in TV commercials and magazines. That alone can open up many doors into child modeling for your baby.

There are child modeling scouts and agencies everywhere but the hardest part is to get your child in front of them to be notice. With massive coverage each year, the Gerber baby contest winners are hard to go unnoticed.

Exposure is inevitable and will be at a grand scale, if your baby wins.

But that's not the main reason why we think it might be a better choice than baby modeling for your child and you.

Baby photo competitions are competitive but it's more like a friendly competition. This is the top reason why we prefer baby photo contests over child modeling for the typical mom and child team.

Think of it this way...

When you hear baby photo contest, it has a fun activity ring to it. But when you hear baby modeling, it has a job competing environment ring to it.

The biggest difference between baby contest and child modeling is the amount of pressure or stress that it involves.

Here's a video that did an awesome job explaining "The Sad Truth About Being A Child Model".


Child modeling is not the only way to test the water in the entertainment industry. Especially when that's all that you're doing.

Most parents are curious about if their child have the potential to become a star. But realistically — it's a very slim chance because most parents and their children are really don't cut out for the high-pressure environment.

If you're fine with the pressure and stress then go for it. We do encourage a striving attitude and spirit for success.

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Now if you don't think you and your child are cut out for it — but want to try it out like most parents hoping for the best, then consider entering a baby photo contest could be the best option.

Here are some more advantages of baby contest over child modeling for those that are just curious and not a serious career sinker in the entertainment industry.

  1. Cost. Baby photo contest is much cheaper (even free).
  2. Easy. It's much easier to find a baby photo contest and submit a photo then to find a child modeling agency that will work with you and your child.
  3. Fast. You can submit a photo within 10 minutes or less and your entry will be in for the contest.
  4. Fun. It's an activity that you can do with your baby. It could be a lot of fun for both of you, something to talk about for years to come.
  5. Test. It's a test to passively seeking an opportunity if your child and you are cut out and explore further.
  6. Opportunities. If your child wins the contest then it might worth exploring further into other opportunities beside child modeling. Like, TV star, TV commercial, acting, or a career in the entertainment industry.

    Even if your child doesn't win the contest but because of it, has expresses some form of interest then it's still worth investigating into these opportunities.

  7. Prizes. Sometimes there are big cash prizes like the Gerber baby contest ($50,000) and the Cute Kid ($25,000 college tuition).

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Enter a Baby Contest or Pursue Child Modeling?

Ultimately, it's up to you and your child. If you're able to handle the pressure then why not apply to a child modeling agency.

If you don't think you're able to handle the pressure and want to lay low then a baby photo contest definitely a better choice.

Another option is to do both. Enter some baby photo contests to test the water and at the same time pursue child modeling in a carefree mindset.

If you win a contest or get book for modeling then awesome. But if nothing ever happen then great too — at least you get to experience some fun activities with your baby.

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