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Gerber Baby Contest 2014 | 2015 Gerber Baby & Milestone Winners

The results are in and Gerber got a new baby for the 2015 Gerber Baby title. There was over 180,000 entries but only one baby can be the "Gerber Baby" First: The Past Gerber Baby Contest Winners Before we move on, let's have a quick look at last year Gerber babies. Gerber Baby Contest 2013 Read More »

The 2014 Gerber Baby Contest Official Rules

We've been following the Gerber baby contest from the very beginning and have since archived these contest rules for our readers. The Gerber baby contest has evolved over the years. We always recommend to check with Gerber Official Rules each year. Recommended Reading: All About The Gerber Baby Contest - Gerber Baby Contests The Gerber Read More »

Photo Contests for Babies: The Winning Secrets

While we can't guarantee that you'll win, but we sure can help you maximize your baby's potential for winning a photo contest. Here are three really quick tips and tricks that can get you better results. Increase Your Odds Natural — Everyone Loves Genuine A Professional Practice Baby Photo Contest [Tip #1] Increasing Your Odds Read More »

Gerber Baby Music Video

Are you interested in the real Gerber baby contest? Recommended Reading: All About the Gerber Baby Contest This is a really funny Gerber baby music video. Got to give that guy some credits for putting this video together. LOL 🙂